What we do


Automate data management and integration processes, saving time and money while maximizing accuracy and consistency.


Mitigate data integrity risks by building appropriate data edits and validations into our secure, customized platform.


Delegate responsibility more effectively now that business processes are automated in one simple, user-friendly application.

How we do it

Looking to move data from one web based application to another? We do that! Want your web based application to review the status of data records and make changes automatically? We do that! Want to make sure certain data rules are followed in order to mark records approved? We do that! We do all this AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

If you can do it manually, we can automate it. Browser Automation is the key. Using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) platform delivered with every version of Excel, we’ve built a world class Browser Automation Engine capable of duplicating and automating any task you can perform online. We call these applications Generators. Your Concentric Systems Generator will run as often as you like. Day, night, once an hour, every 10 minutes – you decide! When you’re sleeping, it’s working! When you’re on vacation, it’s working! And it doesn’t stop there. Using our Application Alert System, we’ll email you as much or as little information about individual process runs as you like!

Automate your processes, mitigate data entry risks, delegate your repeatable processes to your Concentric Systems Generator and enable you and your team to focus on more important tasks!

We’ve saved companies thousands of work hours. Let us do the same for you.

Call us today and let’s get started!